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Who We Are


KE Andrews was established in 1978 as a small dedicated team of three that has now grown to over 170 team members. With a strong national presence in the State and Local Tax and valuation fields, with office locations in Denver, Houston, and Dallas. Even with this exponential growth, the one constant that has remained is the culture our namesake Ken Andrews implemented in our early years. Our practice began centered around ad valorem property tax, but over the years we have added services at the request of clients to continue to serve their business needs.


We understand the importance behind an old-school mentality of working hard for our clients, maintaining only the highest levels of professionalism, excellence in our field, diligence, and good old fashion service. Over the years we have grown our practice to work with clients of all sizes including Fortune 50 companies. We work diligently to exceed the expectations of our clients and are a value-driven organization whose primary goal is to return hard-earned tax dollars to your bottom line.


Our vision is to be the State and Local Tax (SALT) firm of the next generation through continued innovation, welcoming fresh strategies, and pushing the envelope on customer service.  Our focus is to create long-standing relationships with property owners within the continental U.S. that are seeking partnership and tax savings strategies. We provide them with the most aggressive but fair approach to industry-specific valuation, custom tailored administrative solutions and the best customer service in the SALT industry.


We strive to save our clients millions of dollars in tax every year using unique systems and expertise we’ve established over the past 40 years. This has helped make KE Andrews the best choice in a State and Local Tax (SALT) firm. We also aim to be leaders in our communities, forming relationships with non-profits in an effort to help others who are less fortunate than us. In alignment with our core values, having a selfless attitude and our commitment to giving back to our community is at the heart of our organization.


KE Andrews is led by a team of seasoned professionals averaging 25 years with the firm.  This tenure and continuity in leadership are difficult to find in the State and Local Tax (SALT) world and has led to the formation of a unique and strong team-based culture established over 4 decades.  Our leadership team has not only retained the best talent in the marketplace but also has built a unique infrastructure and created industry focused proprietary systems to help us achieve our vision and goal of being the SALT firm of the next generation.  Our people are our most important assets. With over 130 team members at KEA, including former chief appraisers, ASA certified appraisers, economists, CPA’s, engineers, geologists, tax professionals, and Fortune 100 SUT experts, we are proud of the diversity that we’ve created.

Our Leadership

Mark Andrews, ASA


Kyle Fisher, ASA

Executive Vice President

Jon Ramsey

Senior Vice President - Oil & Gas

Myron Weidenbach

Vice President - Commercial Real Estate

Justin Livingston

Vice President - Oil & Gas

Ben Thompson

Vice President - Energy Services

Daniel Kistler, ASA

Vice President - Energy Services

Our Services

Property Tax

We handle the property tax process for thousands of clients, including filing renditions, appeals and negotiations, and streamlining the AP process.

Sales Tax

Our sales tax team engages in reviews to identify overpayment of sales taxes, securing a maximum tax savings position for our clients.  Our expertise returns revenue to your business.

Severance Tax

There are numerous exemptions available in the area of severance tax nationwide.  Our experts specialize on identifying missed opportunities and securing lost revenue for our clients.

The Benefits of Our Services

Better Valuations

We are not just a compliance firm. We go after every opportunity to return revenue to your bottom line. Our aggressive but fair approach has been a hallmark of our organization since inception.

Better Service

The customer is at the heart of our business, and your needs are our priority. You will see a marked increase in responsiveness and care to you as a KEA client.

Better Reporting

Customer satisfaction is the most important facet of our business, something measured by our responsiveness to clients. We pride ourselves on the structure and team that we’ve built to exceed your expectations on response times and data delivery.

Better Accruals

Accruals for some companies can be of equal or greater importance than securing the lowest valuations. The systems we’ve designed around accruals and complex multi-state portfolios are second to none.

Better Integration

Our custom designed software allows for seamless integration with your accounting systems making us more than just a tax firm. We are your tax department down the hall.

Better Relationships

Our nationwide footprint of service currently operating in 76% of the counties in the US has allowed us to foster relationships with local assessors that span decades. This translates into better negotiations, and better results.

Our Culture

Over the years, the culture here at KE Andrews has evolved as our teams and employees have exhibited a high-level of desire to actively contribute to their communities. We’re committed to more than just giving; we care about the health, education, and well-being of others. KEA connects our people and resources to those in need within our communities, both near and far, to impact and influence for good.

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Careers with KEA

At KE Andrews, we’re committed to our employees and value the teams we’ve been able to assemble. We’re proud of our culture, and our continued growth is evidence that we value every opportunity to ensure our clients are happy and our people thrive. Join us.

Why do we do what we do?

We believe in working for something greater than ourselves. Our core values are what drive us, and our ability to give back to our community and others is the most rewarding aspect of our business.


We provide specialized service in State and Local Tax with a focus on valuation and provide a competitive advantage


We strive to be a trusted advisor to our clients, being a source for information and guidance while being conscientious and caring to our clients


We believe in being a hard-working, differentiated and accurate firm when it comes time to working with our clients. We are built on overdelivering to our clients and exceeding expectations


We believe in working for something other than ourselves and encourage community involvement and inspiring an attitude of giving


Our method of doing business revolves around a model of teamwork and servant leadership. We provide our teams with the tools necessary to be successful


We provide an atmosphere that promotes professional growth for our employees rooted in the values that create and sustain ethical conduct. We promote a teaching atmosphere and understand that change is essential to success