Property taxes are most often based on fair market value and not solely on actual costs. Sometimes this value is arrived upon by an assessor or local board of assessment that may not have much experience in dealing with your specialized products or asset base. This lack of sophistication is evident in many local appraisal districts and taxing authorities. Without the access to market data to make an informed decision, the result of the assessment could be a value that is far in excess of fair market value.

Our goal is to ensure that our client’s ad valorem property tax liability is minimized through an aggressive but fair approach to valuation. Our client base affords us the opportunity to review billions of dollars in industry relevant acquisitions, divestitures and capital projects every year which in turn provides us access to the most current and reliable market and cost data available. This is extremely valuable to the appraisal process. We represent a large portion of market share in the oil and gas industry nationwide, and possess a significant presence in many commercial real estate industries as well.

ad valorem


  • Asset cost and market value analysis
  • Review of the income/economics of facilities
  • Facility/site inspections
  • Exemption & abatement filings
  • File property tax returns
  • Negotiate property tax values with county/state
  • Process notices of appraised value for accuracy and fairness
  • Protest unfair valuations
  • Representation at Appraisal Review and Equalization Boards
  • Provide property tax accruals and property tax planning
  • Process property tax bills for accurate values, tax rates and tax amounts

While some think of contracting a professional to protest property values as a one-time thing, this is far from the case.  Every year, your properties are at risk of being re-assessed by the local jurisdiction for taxation.  In some states such as Colorado, they revalue properties every other year.  Regardless, this is an area as a property owner that you won’t want to ignore.

No. To provide the best results in real estate valuation when negotiating with local jurisdictions requires an expertise in the specific industry of the property.  While there are some generalities in real estate valuation, it is the added level of industry knowledge and expertise that will translate into maximum ad valorem property tax savings for a client year after year.

Yes.  In a world where laws are constantly changing, and government budgets are being stretched to the limit, the first place local governments look to for additional revenue is ad valorem property tax.  In an increasingly aggressive environment, property tax is the area that owners will want to monitor closely year after year.



KEA has become an integral part of our team. They have provided clarity and comfort to our business with their wealth of knowledge and willingness to help. The peace of mind they provide our company is almost as valuable as the tax savings. We couldn’t do it without them.
Multi-State Retail Client
I am continually pleased with the quality and service I receive from KE Andrews. They are very responsive, extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and have simplified my overall process. KE Andrews is a part of our team and they get 2 thumbs up from me!
Large National Convenience Store Chain
Our company has engaged KE Andrews for at least the past 20 years to help minimize our property tax liability, in particular in the State of Texas.  Over the past couple years or so, they have also filed and successfully obtained for us several substantial Texas severance tax refunds.  All in all we have saved and recovered many millions of dollars as a direct result of their efforts.
Rusty MooreAssistant Controller, Range Resources