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Over the past 40 years, we’ve assembled a team of oil and gas industry experts including geologists, petroleum engineers, and chemical engineers, all of whom have played an integral part in creating proprietary valuation systems that are unmatched. This continuity has helped position us as a leader in the energy industry at a national level. Each state has unique laws surrounding the assessment of energy assets that can be difficult to navigate, many requiring a different approach. Our advanced expertise, systems and multi-state capabilities translate into tax savings for our clients over and above what they’ve experienced. Our goal is to provide real value in terms of dollars year after year that continually exceeds expectations. We currently represent a large portion of the oil and gas market, including over 35% of the leases in TX and LA, and over 40% of the wells in the Rocky Mountain region.

Ad Valorem Property Tax

We handle the property tax process for thousands of clients in the energy industry, including filing renditions, appeals and negotiations, and streamlining the AP process.

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Severance Tax

There are numerous exemptions available in the area of severance tax nationwide.  Our experts specialize on identifying missed opportunities and securing lost revenue for our clients.

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Sales & Use Tax

Our sales tax team engages in reviews to identify overpayment of sales taxes, securing a maximum tax savings position for our clients.  Our expertise returns revenue to your business.

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The Property Tax Cycle



At the beginning of the year, our team will request pertinent information that is crucial for the aggressive filing of renditions and the analysis of real property. Strategy begins with good information.



Once we’ve received all of the facts on your properties allowing us to perform our own DCF models and appraisals, we begin the process of reviewing notices of value as they are issued by the local jurisdictions to determine cases of over-valuation.



In cases of over-valuation, KE Andrews will reach out to local assessors and appraisers to aggressively negotiate both informally, and formerly at board hearings in cases where an informal agreement can’t be reached.



After values are finalized, we provide annual reports for accrual purposes, and we begin to process your tax bills for payment as they come. We integrate with your accounting systems and also have the ability to pay your physical property tax bills across the country.

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Severance Tax Review?

Our experienced severance tax team manages in depth reviews of severance tax filings for a large number of oil & gas clients. We identify missed opportunities on high cost gas wells, marketing cost deductions, tax reimbursements, and we perform marketing cost tax rate reviews.

Nationwide Coverage

We are the leaders in Oil & Gas Property Tax

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Midstream Assets and/or Processing Facilities?

Our team at KE Andrews values over 400,000 miles of pipeline annually as well as over 35% of all of the processing and treating capacity in the country. Learn more about opportunities to save significant tax dollars here.

Giving you insights into the property tax process

Client Dashboard

Our client dashboard is designed to put real-time insights and executive oversight tools into your hands. We put your data to good use, allowing for important KPI’s to be understood at your fingertips. See your property tax position and portfolio with transparency like never before.

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