Energy Tax Appeals

As the leading provider of tax appeals to the energy industry, we maximize savings with our extensive relationships and expertise, streamlining the process


Our Approach To
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Comprehensive Property Analysis

Our experienced professionals conduct a thorough analysis of the asset or well, considering factors such as market conditions reserves and production analysis, utilization, obsolescence, and expenses. This analysis allows us to identify areas where the asset may be overvalued and develop a strategy to address them.

Market Research and Understanding

The oil and gas industry is highly sensitive to market conditions, including commodity prices, supply and demand dynamics, and geopolitical factors. Understanding market trends and their impact on the industry is crucial for an accurate valuation.

Extensive Relationships

For over 45 years, our firm has cultivated extensive connections and partnerships with these local assessors where energy assets are located, fostering open lines of communication and trust. There isn’t another firm in the energy industry that covers more of the industry or has more properties under appeal than our company. Establishing strong relationships with local government officials is crucial in working together to achieve a fair market value.  These relationships enable us to navigate complex negotiations, present compelling cases, and advocate effectively for our client’s interests.

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