Today in San Diego, the California State Board of Equalization (BOE) is hosting what is the first of four statewide meetings to gather information from leading industry experts to help modernize California’s property tax system. Much like Washington DC earlier this year and Illinois currently, the state is looking at everything to ultimately try and help taxpayers and the state’s budget.

The BOE states that they are encouraging, “County Assessors, taxpayers, taxpayer advocates, the business community and others, who are interested in participating in the discussions, to participate and provide comments.” Today, the California property tax meeting will center around the emerging issues. There has been discussion around a “split roll” system among many other proposals and that will be one of the core topics we will be following today. A panel of industry experts including the following will be discussing the property tax system:

Alan S. Dornfest, Chair, International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) Property Tax Policy Standard and Idaho State Tax Commission Property Tax Policy Bureau Chief

Honorable Jeffrey Prang, Los Angeles County Assessor

Honorable Don Gaekle, President-elect, California Assessors’ Association and Stanislaus County Assessor

David Yeung, Property Tax Deputy Director, BOE

Honorable Malia M. Cohen, Chair, Board Member, District 2

Peter Blocker, Director of Policy, California Taxpayers Association

Wes Nichols, Board Member, California Alliance of Taxpayer Advocates

The session we are most closely watching will be the “Emerging Issues – The CA Tax on Commercial & Industrial Properties for Education & Local Government Funding Initiative (2020), The Impact of Split Roll on Property Tax Administration

If you’d like to watch, a video of the meeting will be streamed here.