Commercial Real Estate Services

Returning Real Tax Dollars

Reappraisals cause commercial property tax values to increase so it’s important to analyze your properties annually to minimize your tax burden. KE Andrews’ seasoned property tax consultants apply a strategic approach to value, negotiate and appeal taxable values to reduce your tax burden, which, in turn, will strengthen your company’s profitability. Our team strategically values your assets using various methods including looking at an equal and uniform approach across the market to ensure that we are maximizing your tax savings. Our proprietary system’s design enables us to capture the entire property tax process as well as provide administrative support for our clients. In addition to saving on your tax liability, our team adds value by providing accruals at the property level and overseeing the payment of your tax bills.

Real Property

Every year, our team appraises thousands of commercial properties nationwide for taxation purposes. We ask the right questions, execute the right strategies, and secure the best tax position for our clients, specializing in many areas of commercial real estate to include industrial, office, fast food, free-standing retail, health care, convenience stores and more.

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Personal Property

Our experienced team understands the opportunities available on personal property. While we understand the compliance side, we believe strongly that a market approach in this area can yield significant tax savings in many cases. We’ll identify ghost assets, pursue aggressive depreciation, identify exemptions, and utilize our relationships to your benefit.

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The Property Tax Cycle



At the beginning of the year, our team will request pertinent information that is crucial for the aggressive filing of renditions for your personal property and the analysis of real property. Strategy begins with good information.



Once we’ve received all of the facts on your properties allowing us to perform appraisals, our property tax consultants review notices of value as they are issued by the local jurisdictions to determine cases of over-valuation.



In cases of over-valuation, KE Andrews will reach out to local assessors and appraisers to aggressively negotiate both informally, and formerly at board hearings in cases where an informal agreement can’t be reached.



After values are finalized, we provide annual reports for accrual purposes, and we begin to process your tax bills for payment as they come. We integrate with your accounting systems and also have the ability to pay your physical property tax bills.

Giving you insights into the property tax process

Client Dashboard

Our client dashboard is designed to put real-time insights and executive oversight tools into your hands. We put your data to good use, allowing for important KPI’s to be understood at your fingertips. See your property tax position and portfolio with transparency like never before.

The Benefits of Our Services

Better Valuations

We are not just a compliance firm. We go after every opportunity to return revenue to your bottom line. Our aggressive but fair approach has been a hallmark of our organization since inception.

Better Service

The customer is at the heart of our business, and your needs are our priority. You will see a marked increase in responsiveness and care to you as a KEA client from our property tax consultants.

Better Reporting

Customer satisfaction is the most important facet of our business, something measured by our responsiveness to clients. We pride ourselves on the structure and team that we’ve built to exceed your expectations on response times and data delivery.

Better Accruals

Accruals for some companies can be of equal or greater importance than securing the lowest valuations. The systems we’ve designed around accruals and complex multi-state portfolios are second to none.

Better Integration

Our custom designed software allows for seamless integration with your accounting systems making us more than just a tax firm. We are your tax department down the hall.

Better Relationships

Our nationwide footprint of service currently operating in 76% of the counties in the US has allowed us to foster relationships with local assessors that span decades. This translates into better negotiations, and better results.

The Latest News From Our Team

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