KE Andrews has over 40 years experience in the business, providing the best value and service to our clients. We specialize not only in valuation appeals, but can help you streamline the entire property tax process.

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Our Property Tax Services

Aggressive Appeals & Renditions

We have proven that real estate valuations and personal property filings are not just a compliance function. We actively maintain our own cost studies and put assets on accelerated depreciation schedules to get you the lowest value possible for your assets. We fight for every last dollar for your company.

Portfolio Management & Oversight

We operate on a proprietary web-based platform that allows our clients insight into the property tax process. Track your property from start to finish and see KPI’s that matter most to your portfolio with a secure two-factor authentication process.

Bill Pay & Accounting Integration

We understand how frustrating it can be to pay numerous bills in multiple counties and states. We provide our clients with a custom upload template into their accounting system, or even have the capability to pay bills on our clients behalf. We will pay over $600 million in property taxes for our clients this year.


I am continually pleased with the quality and service I receive from KE Andrews. They are very responsive, extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and have simplified my overall process. KE Andrews is a part of our team and they get 2 thumbs up from me!


Asset Manager

Large Multi-State Retail Client


KEA saved us over $3 Million in tax liability after switching to them for our ad valorem valuation company. They have significant experience and the relationships that are decades old to help reduce our valuations. They not only handle our oil and gas leases, but all of our personal property filings and consistently are able to lower values!


VP Tax

Oil & Gas Operator (1,000+ wells)


KE Andrews saved us $10,000,000 + in year 1 of our relationship with them for property tax. We had accrued much more than expected, but their quality of work and aggressive valuations led to a significant reduction in our tax liability.



Midstream Operator

Our System Gives You Access To Important Metrics

Client Dashboard

Our client dashboard allows our clients access into the property tax process, and where your assets are in the cycle. As we work through properties, the dashboard is updated real-time and allows for important KPI’s to be understood at your fingertips.