Accruals at the Store Level

A large national convenience store client was keeping records at the store level, and wanted to have their accruals booked the same way. Most companies update their accruals quarterly or through the year, but this unique client wanted them done at the store level, monthly.


A majority of our convenience store clients would apply accruals once a year in August, and then true up the accrual when the actual tax bills were issued. There are many variables that can materially affect an accrual throughout the year including negotiations, valuation reductions, tax rate adjustments, etc. This client wanted to have accruals constantly monitored and adjusted to reduce the negative effects of incorrect accruals at the store level.


Our team developed a strategy that gave the client the ability to turn their sub-ledger over to us as the agent in order to completely manage the accrual process. Due to their specific requirements, accruals needed to be allocated at a low level, something that we could accomplish with full control over the sub-ledger. We were also able to develop a template internally for a direct upload into their system.


In this unique case, our team was able to provide accruals down to the store level, monthly. The entire accrual process was effectively outsourced to us. At the end of each month, we send a direct upload into their accounting system securing a seamless process for the client.

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