If you’re a resident of Cook County, the 2021 First Installment property tax bills are delinquent as of March 1, 2022.

Property tax bills were first posted on the Cook County Treasurer website on December 7, 2021, by Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas. These bills are approximately 55% of the previous year’s total tax, but anyone with exemptions that can reduce a property owner’s taxes will be applied to the Second Installment bill.

“Paying property taxes through cookcountytreasurer.com is quick, easy, and secure,” says Pappas. “Think about how many other things you do on the web. If you’ve never paid your property taxes online, I urge you to do so. You’ll receive an electronic receipt that will come in handy when you prepare your income tax return.”

When using the site, there are no fees for paying with your bank account. Partial payments are accepted, but all First Installment taxes were due March 1, 2022, to avoid late charges accruing at 1.5% per month, as mandated by Illinois law.

Property owners interested in paying their tax bills online should do the following:

  • Go to cookcountreasurer.com
  • Find and select the blue “Pay Online for Free” box
  • Enter your 14-digit Property Index Number (PIN) or your address

For any property owners who missed the March 1 due date, please follow the Late Payment Schedule listed at the top of the tax statement. The late payment area shows the amount to pay after the due date has passed. Pay the amount that matches the date you mail or submit payment.