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Unique Challenges in Securing Federal, State
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Navigating Complex Regulations

The landscape of federal, state & local tax incentives can be daunting, with intricate regulations and eligibility criteria. Our team of experts thoroughly analyzes the specific requirements of each jurisdiction, ensuring that our clients meet the necessary qualifications and optimize the value of their incentives.

Building Relationships with Local Government Officials

Establishing strong relationships with local government officials is crucial in securing incentives, especially in difficult jurisdictions. Our firm has cultivated extensive connections and partnerships with these officials, fostering open lines of communication and trust. We are the boots on the ground for our clients. These relationships enable us to navigate complex negotiations, present compelling cases, and advocate effectively for our clients’ incentive applications.

Unparalleled Expertise in the State of Texas

As the largest provider of incentives and abatements services in the state of Texas, our firm has a deep understanding of the unique dynamics and opportunities within the state. No other firm has accomplished more in securing incentives for businesses than we have. Our extensive experience and knowledge of local markets, regulatory landscapes, and incentive programs position us as a trusted for businesses seeking to maximize their financial advantages.

Securing Federal Tax Incentives

We specialize in securing federal tax incentives, specifically investment tax credits (ITCs) and production tax credits (PTCs), for businesses seeking to leverage these financial incentives. With a deep understanding of tax laws and regulations, we navigate the complex landscape, ensuring our clients maximize their eligible tax benefits. Through strategic planning and rigorous documentation, we help businesses unlock significant cost savings and bolster their bottom line.

Partnering for Economic Models and Forecasts

We go beyond securing incentives by becoming strategic partners with our clients. As part of our services, we collaborate closely with businesses to create economic models and forecasts that assess the financial impact of securing an incentive versus not. We analyze various scenarios, evaluate potential benefits, and present comprehensive financial models to aid in decision-making. Our partnership approach ensures that clients have a clear understanding of the potential returns on investment and make informed choices regarding incentive opportunities.


A full life-cycle partner from development to operation


Economic Models

Our team prepares tax projections for you as you are in the due diligence and development period. This is a full report specific to the state and county the property is located in and allows you insights into the financial impact of incentives.


Site Selection

We help businesses identify optimal locations for their operations. We leverage our comprehensive approach to site selection with our end to end guidance.


Federal Tax Credits

We provide thorough assessments and guidance on opportunities, ensuring accurate calculation of credit value and compliance with regulations. We assist with eligibility determination, incentive negotiation and annual compliance.


Tax Appeals

Our team is aggressive through the board level to achieve favorable results on tax appeals. We pursue and partner with you through litigation when needed.

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