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Our impact reports help you secure city council approval, while providing comprehensive coverage of both all direct and indirect benefits to a community with your project.


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Introducing our new Economic Impact Analysis Reports, the leading provider of comprehensive economic impact analysis reports tailored to assist businesses in the site selection process. Our cutting-edge software generates detailed reports that showcase the economic benefits of a new project, encompassing both direct and indirect advantages to the local jurisdiction. Our reports serve as invaluable tools for obtaining city council approval, securing local credits and incentives, and demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) of a project. Powered by our proprietary EDOiQ software, our reports utilize public RIMS II data to highlight key metrics such as new homes purchased, school enrollments, property tax value-added, sales tax value-added, and much more. Trust EDOiQ to deliver accurate, comprehensive, and persuasive reports that propel your project forward with undeniable economic evidence.

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