For those expecting their property tax reminder in the mail, Greene County, Missouri residents may miss it. Paper versions of tax statements are running behind in distribution.

Copies of all real estate and personal property tax statements are accessible through Although residents were able to pay their taxes late last year due to the mailing delay, that may not be the case this year.

Best Way to Pay Tax Bills for Greene County?

According to the Green County Collector of Revenue’s site, if the statements that were mailed in November have still not been received, the best solution is to visit the website and pay online by December 31st. Individuals wishing to pay online can retrieve their information by clicking the green button in the upper left corner. According to the Collector of Revenue, payments can be made by E-check or debit card.

“I would recommend the website because its fairly straightforward and secure, plus your check won’t get lost in the mail, which is something that happens quite often. If you have questions, you can call our office (417-868-4036). We have customer service folks who are more than happy to take taxpayers through the process so they can pay online,” says Collector Allen Icet.