The state of Illinois introduced SB39 and SB1932 this session which is aimed at helping with Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi’s property tax reform plans. Both measures are looking to address some of the issues plaguing the state in regards to the current property tax system. SB 1932 would seek to create a property tax task force that would study other states and determine what solutions to bring to the state. This also com

“I’m proud to announce a bipartisan and bicameral property tax task force that will review the entirety of our property tax system, study best practices in other states, and make short- and long-term recommendations by the end of the year,” Democratic Governor J.N. Pritzker said in a news conference after the graduated income tax amendment passed the House. “The creation of this task force will be included in our fair tax package, and will have the full support of my office.”

There were many politicians that were skeptical that any real good would come of the task force. “I’ve been here five years, and I have absolutely no confidence that anything whatsoever will change other than the folks that like the status quo the way it is will destroy your hopes as they have everyone else’s. Good luck,” Rep. Margo McDermed, a Mokena Republican, said.

The task force will now have the duty to bring forth methodologies and ideas to help the state of Illinois property tax system. The mandate is for the group to deliver their final recommendations by the end of December.