Incentives & Abatements

Incentives Simplified

Our team has been involved in securing a large number of incentives and abatements for various projects throughout the state of Texas as well as nationally. With our corporate office in Dallas, we have been privileged to handle over 20% of all of the active 312 & 313’s in the state of Texas. We work with developers in two ways generally. We can handle the entire application process from start to finish including all negotiations, or we will work with your team to develop economic models to plug into your application. Either way, we have the expertise, local relationships, and experience to help you with your next project.

Securing Incentives

Our team has tremendous experience in managing the entire incentive process, start to finish. We represent developers at local board meetings, meet with county judges, and handle all of the filings related to projects. Because of our work in the property tax arena, it has allowed us to form relationships that help the process.

Economic Models

Our team works with developers that like to be in front of the local authorities on the economic model side of agreements. We work with you to develop cost schedules and study the feasibility of projects in certain counties and states and are able to give you a detailed view of your options.

Looking for help with 313 Value Limitations?

We have represented more than 25% of all active 313 agreements in the state of Texas. Discover what they are and our work within the industry.

Need Help With Annual Compliance?

We manage the annual jobs reports and filings for numerous clients that have incentives and abatements on their facility. Things like the 50-772 form in Texas (annual jobs report) and the nameplate capacity tax filing in Nebraska are things that we can handle.

The Benefits of Our Services

Better Service

The customer is at the heart of our business, and your needs are our priority. You will see a marked increase in responsiveness and care to you as a KEA client.

Better Valuations

Our firm is not a compliance firm. We will view your new project through the lens of a valuation firm and make sure you are paying on the lowest value possible on a go-forward.

Better Economic Models

Our team is seasoned in providing economic models timely to our clients. We work quickly to provide your team with the most accurate financials possibly.

Better Relationships

Because of the breadth of work our firm covers nationwide, we have developed the relationships with the local authorities needed to help in the negotiation process with incentives and abatements.

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Read more about current news and insights from our team here at KE Andrews.

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