Incumbent WV Republican Jennings says Higher Severance Tax Not the Answer

Artboard 510 MORGANTOWN — The candidates for the 53rd House of Delegates District seat fielded questions from The Dominion Post Editorial Board.

Incumbent Republican Buck Jennings faces Democrat challenger Cory Chase in November.

Jennings, of Thornton, a contractor by trade, volunteers in his spare time with the volunteer fire department, the ambulance squad and as a paramedic.

“One of the reasons that I wanted to run for office is because we’re losing that volunteerism that we used to have,” he said. He wants to help revive that spirit.

The public schools are the foundation for a strong state and economy, he said, and unfortunately, recent statistics show that only 26 percent of fourth graders read at the fourth-grade level. Teachers need to be able to make their own decisions.

To get more money into the state budget, he said, we need to grow the economy and grow personal incomes. He would rather see production of our resources — wood and natural gas for example — here as finished products instead of exporting raw materials and buying them back as furniture and plastics…..Read entire article by David Beard here