Earlier this month, the Dallas Central Appraisal District released preliminary values on properties in the county. Our team monitors the “notice of values” that come out during this time to track trends and gather insights for the current tax year.

Within the industrial sector, properties on average were noticed 15.5% higher than in 2018. Our criteria during this study saw all new builds removed and filtered properties with a total value larger than $2,500,000.

On average by class, here is what the properties were notified at vs. last year’s value:

As you can see, Class A+ and Class C buildings were hit the hardest in Dallas, with the increases in Class A and Class B industrial space being noticed as a lower increase.

We expect equity to be used in many cases within the county, as you can see on average the $/SF valuations with each class are above and differ substantially from class to class.

Class A+ – $60.47/SF

Class A – $51.33/SF

Class B – $40.05/SF

Class C – $34.82/SF