Over the years, the culture here at KE Andrews has evolved as our teams and employees have exhibited a high level of desire to actively contribute to their communities.  This evolution has led KE Andrews to play an integral part in serving not only our close neighbors here in Texas and Colorado, but also our international neighbors through overseas projects in the country of Liberia, Africa.  We’re committed to more than just giving; we care about health, education and the well-being of others, and are using our business to improve people’s lives. KEA connects our people and resources to those in need within our communities, near and far, to impact and influence for good.

Our Mission

  • Lead by Serving
  • Generously share our gifts and talents
  • Inspire and equip the next generation of leaders
  • Make an impact
  • Serve others with excellence
  • Care with compassion
  • Be a good neighbor
  • Use our power and influence for good

From Texas To Africa

Our Model


KEA seeks to serve those that are truly in need.  We first assess every service opportunity to ensure that there is a clear and present need which can present itself in various forms including hunger, poverty, education, mentoring, miscellaneous assistance, etc.


Once we have identified a clear and present need, our board begins to plan.  We consider various ways that KEA can step in to help, serve, or provide financial assistance.  Developing a plan of action that is both realistic and provides a maximum benefit to those in need is vital to KEA making a difference in the community.


After a feasible plan is agreed upon, our next step is to communicate the action plan with our KEA team.  At this point we mobilize an action team that will carry out all facets of our service plan.  Volunteers are secured, goals are communicated clearly, expectations are outlined, and the team is prepared and mobilized for service.


Now comes the time for action.  Our mobilized service volunteer team is put into action to make a difference through material assistance, volunteer hours, mentoring, tutoring, etc, one act of kindness and selflessness at a time.  As we engage in service within our community, we are constantly evaluating our efforts to determine ways that we can improve our serving to achieve maximum impact.

Supporting Education In Africa

By providing scholarships to secondary education, we’re helping equip and train up leaders to reach their full potential, who will then sustain and teach people within their own communities.  Sawala is training medicine, and Prince in agriculture and crop management in Liberia, Africa

What We're Doing Locally for Children

KEA Adopt a School – At a local elementary school that struggles with the needs of caring for and educating children of extreme poverty, we’re showing up weekly during the work-day and investing in the lives of vulnerable children and their teachers providing encouragement and support through consistent, caring relationships.

Buddy Bench Project – Taking our cue from Sammie Vance, an 8-year-old girl from Fort Wayne, Indiana who made the decision to take a stance against loneliness and help students create friendships, we’re providing Buddy Benches at local schools where vulnerable students on the playground can find rest and a caring friend who wants to play.

Rockwall Women’s League – We’re committed to preparing young people to lead and succeed through achieving their dreams of higher education, even when they can’t afford it on their own.  Through financial support to Rockwall Women’s League, we’re providing continuing education scholarships to students within Rockwall ISD continuing onto secondary education.

How We're Meeting Basic Needs of the Vulnerable

Annually, employee led donation drives lend support to the local Helping Hands Thanksgiving Food drive and Christmas Toy drive.  These efforts serve to provide Thanksgiving meals and happy Christmas holidays for families in need within our local community.

Loving and serving those living in homelessness in Dallas, KEA donates coats and blankets to warm those sleeping out in the cold of winter.  Our partner, SoupMobile, provides access to warm clothing and blankets, food and shelter, and the love of Jesus through the SoupMobile Church where the homeless are members.

Improved Access To Water

For years KEA has supported the mission of access to clean water for every village in the country of Liberia, Africa.   We have partnered with The Last Well sharing the goal of providing every Liberian village with clean water by 2020.  We also believe in the mission of offering the Gospel to every person served by these efforts.