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Valuing Midstream Assets: Unique Challenges

Asset Complexity

Midstream assets encompass complex infrastructures with interconnected systems and equipment. Understanding the intricate operations, technical components, and interdependencies of these assets is vital for accurate valuation. We analyze things such as rated capacity, utilization, and create our own asset depreciation schedules internally.

Income Analysis and Forecasting

Assessing the income generated by energy properties relies on analyzing factors such as capacity utilization, throughput volumes, transportation rates, and market demand. Accurate income forecasting is crucial for valuing these properties correctly.

Achieving Fair Valuations: Our Approach


For over 45 years, our firm has cultivated extensive connections and partnerships with these local assessors where energy assets are located, fostering open lines of communication and trust. There isn’t another firm in the energy industry that covers more of the industry or has more properties under appeal than our company. Establishing strong relationships with local government officials is crucial in working together to achieve a fair market value.  These relationships enable us to navigate complex negotiations, present compelling cases, and advocate effectively for our clients’ interests.

Comprehensive Analysis

We conduct a detailed evaluation of energy properties, considering asset complexity, regulatory factors, income analysis, cost analysis less obsolescence, and other relevant factors. This comprehensive assessment ensures an accurate valuation that reflects the property’s true worth.

Market Research and Comparative Analysis

We leverage extensive market research and perform comparative analyses of similar midstream-type properties in the industry in either the county, or surrounding areas. By benchmarking against comparable properties and assessing their assessed values, operational performance, and market conditions, we advocate for fair valuations based on accurate market data. This also leads to our equal and uniform valuation approach when we can utilize this method.

Local Regulatory Knowledge

Our team stays updated with the latest regulatory guidelines and compliance requirements specific to the energy industry. We are extremely well connected to the local assessor community and appraisal firms they utilize.  By ensuring compliance with reporting obligations and utilizing accepted valuation methods, we help our clients achieve fair and accurate property valuations.


An invaluable partner in minimizing state and local taxes dedicated to simplifying the process


Tax Appeal Consulting & Litigation

KE Andrews is the leader in tax appeals and minimizing property tax valuations. We represent your properties with our expertise.


Sales Tax Audits & Compliance

Our sales tax department performs both ongoing compliance for your team, as well as large cost recovery audits.


Carbon Capture & Energy Transition

Our practice helps businesses capitalize on financial opportunities through expert analysis and strategic utilization of available tax credits and incentives.


Incentives & Abatements

The KEA team annually files abatements and incentives totaling tax savings of more than $300MM. Pollution control, site selection incentives, and more.

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Best in class software architecture for energy portfolio property tax management

Our large, in-house software development team has built a first-class web-based application that is proprietary to KEA. This allows for portfolio tracking, immediate document downloads (notices, bills), accruals, and status tracking.

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Case Study: Midstream – Mobile Personal Property

Case Study: Midstream – Mobile Personal Property

Case Study: Midstream

Case Study: Midstream

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Case Study: Midstream – Mobile Personal Property

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Case Study: Midstream

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