Consolidation of a National Business

When a regional business buys another smaller business, there are many processes and accounting items that need to be streamlined. Our client recently had come out of bankruptcy and had completely different cost figures after the re-organization than their assessed values.


There were two issues, a significantly higher assessment valuation on their assets than what was booked, and their regional based business was very segmented without a centralized reporting location.


Utilizing in-house ASA appraisers specializing in machinery and equipment, we were able to look at the new booked value of the assets and apply historical data of replacement cost and aggressive depreciation schedules to maximize tax savings. We also centralized all of their property records, renditions, and bills in our systems, streamlining their property tax function.


By applying our expert knowledge in this field along with custom-tailored systems, we were able to effectively consolidate their property tax function and centralize its management. We saved them $585,000 in taxes using the rebooked costs of these assets.

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