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Office Building

Valuing Offices: Unique Challenges

Market Vacancy Rates v. Actual

Vacancy rates in the office market can significantly impact the value of a property. Accurately assessing the vacancy rates and their impact on the property’s worth requires a deep understanding of the local real estate market and trends.

Rent Analysis

Evaluating rents is crucial in determining the value of an office space. Assessing whether the rents are in line with market rates, lease terms, and other relevant factors is essential to ensure an accurate valuation. Is a large tenant overpaying in rent as opposed to the market?

Functional Factors

Different types of office spaces, such as Class A, B, or C, can have varying characteristics and amenities. Assessing the functional attributes of the office, including size, layout, infrastructure, and accessibility, is essential for an accurate valuation.

Achieving Lower Valuations: Our Approach

Comprehensive Analysis

Our experienced professionals conduct a comprehensive analysis of the office property, taking into account market vacancy rates, rent analysis, and other factors. This analysis ensures an accurate valuation that reflects the office’s true worth.

Market Research

Staying updated with market trends, vacancy rates, and rental data is vital in evaluating office properties. Our team leverages in-depth market research and local knowledge to negotiate for lower valuations based on current market conditions.

Comparative Analysis

We conduct thorough comparative analyses, considering similar office properties in the area, their assessed values, and their rental rates. This allows us to advocate for fair valuations based on accurate and relevant benchmarks. Disclosure state, non-disclosure state? We utilize this knowledge to our advantage.


A full life-cycle partner from acquisition to disposition


Pre-Acquisition Reports

Our team prepares tax projections for you as you are in the due diligence and underwriting period. Quick numbers, or a full report for an equity partner.


Real Estate Tax Appeals & Litigation

Our team is aggressive through the board level to achieve favorable results. We pursue and partner with you through litigation when needed.


Budget Estimates and Future Tax Projections

Our experts guide you in future tax projections, utilizing local knowledge of historical trends to help you budget going forward.


Tax Bill Audit & Check Writing Services

Full outsourcing of the check writing process is available through KEA. We paid more than $2 Billion in property taxes alone last year on behalf of clients.

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Best in class software architecture for real estate appeal management

Our large, in-house software development team has built a first-class web-based application that is proprietary to KEA. This allows for portfolio tracking, immediate document downloads (notices, bills), accruals, and status tracking.

Case Study: South Texas Office

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