Tax Compliance & Business Personal Property

Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving fair and equitable property tax assessments while staying in compliance, minimizing their tax liabilities.

Our Approach

Business Personal Property

Business Personal Property: Unique Challenges & Strategies

Determining Fair Market Value

Establishing the fair market value of business personal property requires a comprehensive understanding of the market, industry benchmarks, and asset-specific considerations. Our team of tax compliance experts utilizes a combination of market research & auctions of the secondary equipment market, appraisal techniques, our own depreciation schedules, and industry knowledge to determine accurate and defensible fair market values for our clients’ assets.

Removing Ghost Assets

Ghost assets, which are assets no longer in use or physically present but still listed on the books, can inflate property tax assessments. We employ rigorous asset verification processes and collaborate closely with our clients to identify and remove these ghost assets, ensuring that only relevant and active assets are considered for tax valuation.

Minimizing Taxable Values

Our firm is committed to achieving lower valuations for our clients’ business personal property. We employ various strategies, such as thorough asset documentation, leveraging depreciation schedules, and analyzing industry-specific factors, to support arguments for lower taxable values. By presenting accurate and well-supported evidence, we advocate for fair and reasonable property tax assessments on both their compliance assets. When it’s necessary, we pursue litigation on these assets.

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