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The pollution control exemption in Texas applies to real and personal property that is used to control air, water, or land pollution. This exemption is granted to facilities, devices, or methods that meet or exceed environmental regulations and are acquired after January 1, 1994, with an application submitted to the TCEQ for approval.

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Unique Challenges in Securing Pollution
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We handle more than half of all yearly pollution control filings in the state of Texas

Pollution Control Exemptions Compliance

The accurate valuation and exemption of pollution control assets is essential for businesses to understand their true value and ultimately reduce their property tax liability. Our team of experts conducts thorough assessments, considering factors such as the type of pollution control equipment, its effectiveness, and its impact on reducing emissions. We also provide a cost-benefit analysis of achieving a pollution control exemption, vs. rendering a fair market value of the asset.

Texas-Specific Expertise

Operating in Texas brings unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to pollution control exemptions and compliance. Many of the incentives available are highly negotiable, which our team excels at. Our firm has an in-depth understanding of the specific regulations, requirements, and pollution control exemptions available in the state of Texas. We stay up to date with the latest changes in environmental legislation and work closely with our clients to ensure they remain compliant and take advantage of every possible dollar.

Partnering for Compliance and Valuation Success

With our pollution control practice, we take a collaborative approach to help businesses achieve compliance and optimize their pollution control assets. We first determine if this is the right approach to valuing your assets, as many times when you apply for pollution control exemptions, you have to reveal more supporting documentation related to the value of the assets. We determine with you if it’s more favorable to pursue an exemption, or if it’s better to appeal the property based on fair market value. We work as strategic partners with our clients, providing tailored solutions that align with their specific needs and goals. Our team assists in identifying eligible exemptions, developing compliance strategies, preparing necessary documentation, and conducting accurate valuations while working with the assessors.


More than half of all pollution control filings in the state of Texas are filed by KEA

The state of Texas receives more than 1,200 TCEQ applications every year. At KE Andrews, we are responsible for filing more than 800 exemptions every year. We assist clients in navigating complex compliance requirements, optimizing assets and minimizing property tax expenses, and achieving sustainable and financial benefits. With our Texas-specific expertise, collaborative approach, and commitment to accuracy, we strive to be a trusted partner.

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