Case Study: Midstream – Mobile Personal Property


Lower tax burden and remove ghost assets for a large oil and gas services client.

  • Strategy

    Utilize local relationships, domicile assets to a more favorable location

  • Service

    Property Tax

  • Result

    More than $600,000 in tax savings

⬤ 01. Challenges

Reducing Tax Burden and Reducing Double Assessments for an Oil & Gas Service Industry Client

A client that is in the service industry to oil & gas had a large amount of equipment that traveled to numerous counties and well sites.

The counties are aggressive in picking up and taxing the equipment as it moves through their jurisdiction. In some cases, multiple cases will try and tax the same account.

⬤ 02. Approach

Utilize Local Relationships, and Domicile Assets in a Lower Tax Rate County

To address this issue, we devised a two-fold approach. Firstly, we leveraged our local assessor relationships to engage in negotiations with the local authorities. Our goal was to swiftly resolve the problem of double assessments by working closely with the concerned parties. Secondly, we recommended implementing a domicile strategy that involved redirecting the equipment to the local site rather than the urban county, which had a substantially higher property tax rate.

⬤ 03. Solution

Tax Savings Exceeding $600,000 and Streamlined Assessments

By implementing our approach, we achieved remarkable results for our client. They experienced tax savings exceeding $600,000 compared to the previous year’s tax expenses. We successfully eliminated the issue of double assessments, ensuring our client had no delinquent bills to contend with. Our comprehensive strategy not only saved significant costs but also streamlined the tax assessment process for our client in the challenging service industry of oil and gas.

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