Tax Appeals & Litigation

We assist property owners and businesses with property tax appeals, reducing tax burdens and ensuring fair valuations.


Our Approach To
Minimizing Your Valuation

Comprehensive Property Analysis

Our experienced professionals conduct a thorough analysis of the property, considering factors such as market conditions, comparable sales, income potential, and any property-specific attributes that may affect its value. This analysis allows us to identify areas where the property may be overvalued and develop a strategy to address them.

Market Research and Comparative Analysis

We leverage extensive market research and perform comparative analyses of similar properties in the area. By identifying comparable properties with lower assessed values, we present a compelling case for the reduction of our clients’ property values based on accurate market data and evidence.

Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

Our firm works closely with experienced appraisers and industry experts to provide expert testimony and support during the appeal process. By presenting a strong case with credible evidence and professional opinions, we increase the likelihood of achieving a favorable outcome for our clients.

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The Process

Step 1.

Information Request

We begin by gathering all relevant information and documentation related to the property, including property records, assessments, appraisals, and any other supporting evidence. We request income statements, rent roll's, and our team also utilizes our internal, proprietary valuation software pulling in over 1,000 datapoints. Our team carefully reviews these documents to understand the current assessment and identify potential discrepancies or overvaluations.

Step 2.

Analysis and Strategy Development

Based on the gathered information, our professionals conduct a comprehensive analysis of the property's value, taking into account market data, comparable sales, and other relevant factors. We develop a tailored strategy for appealing the property's assessed value, identifying the strongest arguments and evidence to present during the appeal process.

Step 3.

Presentation and Representation

Before we go to a formal board hearing, our team works diligently to reduce the value informally through meetings with the assessor. This helps our case at the board, and in many times can achieve favorable results and not require a formal board hearing. If a formal hearing is necessary, our experienced team represents the client in front of the formal board, presenting our case and advocating for a reduction in the property's assessed value. We utilize our expertise, market research, and supporting evidence to present a compelling argument.

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