As the third quarter approaches mid-way, Howell Township NJ extends the date on property tax payments.


Howell’s Chief Financial Officer, Louis Palazzo, said that tax bills will be mailed on Aug. 8 and residents will have until Sept. 2 to mail in their payments without interest. 


Towns are impacted by the state and county budgets, so the recent changes in the state budget will affect the people in Howell Township NJ. 


Richard Palazzo of Kennebec County said that after realizing that the business was wrong about levy amounts, he had to work at a frantic pace to quickly get those numbers corrected. 


Due to state law, Howell will send out tax bills 25 days after they are postmarked. They do not send estimated tax bills, which would necessitate a second mailing due to the process of calculating taxes for each person. 


Missing the September 2nd deadline will be subject to a charge of 8% per day for $1.5k or less. If you owe more than $1.5k, then your interest rate will be 18%. 


Palazzo indicates that by the fourth quarter, timing will be back to normal. He notes that by November 1st, taxes are due with a grace period extending to the 10th of the month before interest is applied.