Renewable Energy & Conventional Generation

A Power Generation Strategy

We have seen a steady rise in the US renewable energy industry and the adaptation of renewables as a primary energy source nationwide. Our team has specialized in the valuation of energy-related assets for over 40 years including some of the largest conventional power generation facilities in the United States. The valuation of these assets is not a compliance function, but rather requires complex analysis and negotiation. KE Andrews is the leader in handling incentives and abatements when it comes to renewables. Many states offer incentives as a means to attract future developments that will improve their economies and increase their tax base over time. The process of securing these incentives can be cumbersome. Our renewables group has handled over 20% of the total active 312 & 313 applications filed within the state of Texas. Put our experience in these negotiations to work for you.

Incentives & Abatements

Our team handles the entire abatement and incentive process, from feasibility studies to securing the abatement and/or limitation. Our relationships with county judges and school superintendents are second to none. We’ve handled over 20% of all 312 & 313 applications in the state of Texas.

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Property Tax

Every year, our team appraises hundreds of thousands of energy accounts nationwide for taxation purposes. We ask the right questions, execute the best strategies, and secure the best tax position for our clients, specializing in wind and solar.

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Timeline Of Our Services for Renewables



In the pre-construction phase of a renewable project, our firm performs feasibility studies for developers in the area of abatements and incentives. We engage with developers to strategize on near-term, mid-term and long-term projects. We push for these assets to initially be assessed at fair market value which brings benefits in future years.



During the construction phase, our team will study the market to understand the cost and true market value of these types of assets. We have seen a rise in the technology that is being utilized in the industry, which has resulted in various market value reductions to the benefit of developers.



Our team handles not only the property tax process but also all of the annual compliance forms and reports associated with any incentive or abatement. Our team monitors the true cost to build these facilities new and takes an aggressive but fair approach to these valuations in subsequent years.

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Renewable Energy Representation

We handle the property tax function every year for over 12,470 MW in renewable energy projects nationwide. In addition to this, we are engaged in abatements and incentives work for a large number of new construction projects ranging from medium sized, to large 500+ MW projects.

Conventional Power Generation

Expertise in Valuation

Our team specializes in the valuation of conventional power generation assets and has worked to reduce our clients’ property tax liabilities over the last 40 years. Our breadth of work spans the entire country and our ASA appraisers are experts at valuing assets such as coal-fired and natural gas plants and other conventional power facilities. We represent a tremendous amount of transmission, gathering and electrical facilities.

Our System Gives You Access To Important Metrics

Client Dashboard

Our client dashboard is designed to put real-time insights and executive oversight tools into your hands. We put your data to good use, allowing for important KPI’s to be understood at your fingertips. See your property tax position and portfolio with transparency like never before.

The Benefits of Our Services

Better Valuations

We are not just a compliance firm. We go after every opportunity to return revenue to your bottom line. Our aggressive but fair approach has been a hallmark of our organization since inception.

Better Service

The customer is at the heart of our business, and your needs are our priority. You will see a marked increase in responsiveness and care to you as a KEA client.

Better Reporting

Customer satisfaction is the most important facet of our business, something measured by our responsiveness to clients. We pride ourselves on the structure and team that we’ve built to exceed your expectations on response times and data delivery.

Better Accruals

Accruals for some companies can be of equal or greater importance than securing the lowest valuations. The systems we’ve designed around accruals and complex multi-state portfolios are second to none.

Better Integration

Our custom designed software allows for seamless integration with your accounting systems making us more than just a tax firm. We are your tax department down the hall.

Better Relationships

Our nationwide footprint of service currently operating in 76% of the counties in the US has allowed us to foster relationships with local assessors that span decades. This translates into better negotiations, and better results.

The Latest News From Our Team

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Read more about current news and insights from our team here at KE Andrews.

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Read more about current news and insights from our team here at KE Andrews.

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