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Our sales tax department over the years has recouped millions of dollars in “overpayment” of sales tax for our clients. We were asked to enter the sales tax arena upon request many years ago by our property tax clients. During our sales tax review, we want to ultimately do three things: put you in control of the review, and then train your team our findings at the end and transfer that valuable knowledge. Our team has some of the most respected professionals in the business with the expertise to review certain processes to find areas of overpayment.

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Our Sales Tax Process



We have an extremely sharp department when it comes time to identify your Sales & Use Tax overpayment. With leaders coming from different industries, we have the ability to go industry by industry understanding the uniqueness of each. Our team reviews invoices to determine the opportunity. We will be competitive on fee and welcome the opportunity to bid on your next project.



Unlike many other tax firms, we put in the driver’s seat when it comes time to file your refund. Sometimes in looking at invoices and through our thorough work, we do find instances where there is exposure or underpayment of sales tax. In that situation, we bring our findings to you and let you decide what we should pursue.



After our work is complete, we train every single one of our clients on our findings so they can begin to identify these types of situations. We also take the specific tax code related to your business, and narrow it down to what matters to you and your process. We believe in adding value to our clients through a relationship and want to make sure they avoid overpaying sales tax going forward.

Trusted Audit Representation

You may find yourself in a situation eventually where you are being audited by the state for Sales and Use Tax.  The state will choose one of two methods to examine your sales and purchase records.  They will either go through an entire 4 years of records, or they will use their preferred method- to sample your records.  This involves an examination of as few as 100 transactions to extrapolate results.

Managed Audit Agreement

We’ll enter into a Managed Audit Agreement with the state

Technical Arguments

Make effective technical arguments against taxability


Review the auditor’s schedules prior to final assessment

Reverse Audit

Conduct a reverse audit to reduce your tax liability


Request an independent audit review

Local Government

Provide representation before an administrative law judge

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Read more about current news and insights from our team here at KE Andrews.

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