Why would Samsung choose Taylor, Texas as its location? There are two important factors to consider: Not only will the business receive a significant property tax break, but the deal is sure to create an abundance of lucrative jobs in Travis and Williamson County. Given the massive shortage of computer chips recently, it is good news that a new plant is being built. Hopefully, the $17 billion facility will help alleviate some of the community’s concerns.

The Details of the Property Tax Decision & Performance-Based Agreements in Williamson County

Recently, commissioners in Williamson County held a meeting with Samsung to reach an agreement surrounding tax breaks and incentives. Ad valorem taxes will be decided using a performance-based agreement in accordance with a newly approved Chapter 381 regulation. Samsung will pay 90 percent of ad valorem taxes during the initial decade of the agreement. Then, the county will grant 85 percent of ad valorem taxes paid by Samsung the following decade.

So, what exactly are the performance incentives that Samsung has to meet? The tax breaks are contingent upon Samsung constructing at least six million square feet in facilities by the end of January 2026. This must be followed by the creation of 1,800 full-time jobs. In exchange, Williamson County agreed to improve targeted roads around the facility to make life easier for the technology giant.

Other Tax Breaks Coming from Taylor ISD

Although Samsung will receive a large number of tax breaks from Williamson County, there is also an incentive deal with Taylor ISD. While the specifics of the agreement are still pending it appears that Samsung will receive more than $300 million in tax breaks during the next ten years. In exchange for the massive tax breaks, the community is getting a lot of lucrative jobs that are sorely needed.

Why So Many Tax Breaks?

The question is valid. When everyone else in the community is paying their fair share of taxes, why should such a large corporation receive such a big tax break? Samsung is not the only company receiving tax breaks. In fact, it is relatively common for a large company to receive substantial tax breaks when they move to a certain location. The main reason large companies receive these incentives is that most cities welcome the potential for new, local job opportunities. If Texas did not offer tax breaks to Samsung, another location would.