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Valuation & Management

Valuing Single-Family-Rental (SFR) Housing: Unique Challenges

Differentiated Property Usage

Unlike traditional residential properties, SFR or “build to rent” homes are constructed and operated specifically for rental income, which demands a different valuation approach that reflects their income-generating potential. Where possible, we utilize an income approach as opposed to a sales based market approach.

Market and Rental Rate Analysis

Valuing “build to rent” or single family rental housing requires in-depth market analysis to assess the prevailing rental rates in the area and their impact on the property’s overall value. Rental trends and market demand fluctuations must be considered for accurate valuations.

Property Customization and Amenities

Single family rental homes often come with unique customization and amenities designed to attract renters. Evaluating the contribution of these features to the property’s value requires expert knowledge of the rental market and tenant preferences.

Achieving Lower Valuations: Our Approach

Income Approach

Where it’s accepted, we utilize the income approach with the assessor. We evaluate the rental income potential of the property, considering factors such as occupancy rates, rental rates, and operating expenses. This method ensures that the property’s value reflects its income-generating capacity.

Market Research & Comparative Analysis

We conduct thorough market analyses to identify comparable sales properties in the area. By identifying relevant comparables and applying appropriate adjustments, we provide compelling evidence to support lower valuations based on real-time market trends.

National Portfolio Experience

Managing an “SFR” portfolio nationally with thousands of homes requires a deep understanding of local property tax regulations in various jurisdictions. It also requires a comprehensive software platform that allows for accruals, document management, and many other things. Our team’s expertise in handling national portfolios ensures compliance and consistent valuation methodologies and our in-house software ensures the administrative functions that are needed.


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Pre-Acquisition Reports

Our team prepares tax projections for you as you are in the due diligence and underwriting period. Quick numbers, or a full report for an equity partner.


Real Estate Tax Appeals & Litigation

Our team is aggressive through the board level to achieve favorable results. We pursue and partner with you through litigation when needed.


Budget Estimates and Future Tax Projections

Our experts guide you in future tax projections, utilizing local knowledge of historical trends to help you budget going forward.


Tax Bill Audit & Check Writing Services

Full outsourcing of the check writing process is available through KEA. We paid more than $2 Billion in property taxes alone last year on behalf of clients.

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Best in class software architecture for real estate appeal management

Our large, in-house software development team has built a first-class web-based application that is proprietary to KEA. This allows for portfolio tracking, immediate document downloads (notices, bills), accruals, and status tracking.

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