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A next-generation consulting firm that is focused on the future with technology. We provide solutions and acquire leading talent in the commitment to provide our customers with groundbreaking technology solutions as you grow.


EDOiQ is a software product that provides compliance reporting functionality, CRM, document management, and more for both EDC’s, Cities, and the Private Sector.


Unifyione is a Saas product that is an all-in-one reporting tool for the energy industry. It connects accounting data with production data, disparate data sources, and provides one point of reporting.


Our KEA.Pa program is our check-writing and full-fledged accounts payment program. We pay over $2 Billion annually on behalf of more than 14,000 checks written annually.

Economic Impact Analysis

Our economic impact analysis report provide a comprehensive evaluation of the potential economic effects and benefits that a new project will bring to the local community.

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