Tax Services

We specialize in minimizing property tax burdens, securing financial incentives, and navigating tax recovery to optimize your business's financial success.

Property Tax

A trusted advisor and partner to help you during the entire lifecycle of property ownership. We partner with you during the due diligence period, represent the tax appeal to minimize expenses for ownership, and provide check writing services.

Sales Tax

Our sales tax department performs both ongoing compliance for your team, as well as large cost recovery audits, ensuring your business remains tax-compliant while recovering potential overpayments and optimizing financial efficiency.

Credits & Incentives

Our Credits & Incentives practice achieves hundreds of millions in tax savings annually on behalf of our clients. We also provide compliance services for projects with annual incentives

Severance Tax

Our severance tax team excels in recouping millions per year in severance tax overpayments, leveraging their expertise to optimize your financial returns. In addition, we offer comprehensive compliance services to our valued clients.

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