Top 5 Ways to Land the Job at KE Andrews

Top 5 Ways to Land the Job at KE Andrews

1. Research the Company, the Culture, and the Position to which you are Applying For

Knowledge is golden, knowing about the company and the position makes the interviewer feel like you are invested in the interview process and the position. Read the company website, research the position and the field to which the position is in, connect to current employees and read reviews. These will be talking points in discussions.

2. Have a Competitive and Team Mentality

It’s time to give examples of your competitive spirit. Explain some leadership roles you have been involved in and examples of where you have let others take the lead as you contribute value.

3. Humble

Know your strengths, know your weaknesses. Be willing to talk about your skills and how they would bring value to our organization, also be willing to speak of things you need to work on and how this organization could help you in those areas.

4. Negotiate, Persuasion and Listening

Give examples of a time you have bridged the gap using negotiation or persuasion effectively.

5. Professional and Authentic

Always come professional in your dress and speech while being authentic. Let us see who You really are we want to get to know you and want you to get to know us. Make that connection.