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In our mergers and acquisitions services group, we handle a high volume of PPA’s every year. Purchase Price Allocations are critical to the success of any deal or venture. Leaving PPA’s as a post-transaction afterthought can result in challenging issues to resolve. Engaging a due diligence team that includes financial, taxation and valuation professionals pre-closing, can help to resolve issues that may affect the PPA.  KEA can serve as a valuable partner at any point in the transaction process, serving as a one-stop shop for due diligence and full-service PPA’s, reducing the frustration of information request redundancies that comes with engaging multiple firms.  Our team of ASA’s maintains a specialty in energy and utility industry valuations, expertise that is difficult to find.  We are the leading producer of FAS 141 purchase price allocations.  Over the past three years alone, KE Andrews’ ASA designated appraisers have appraised over $22 billion in assets, and have handled over $34 billion in IRC 1060 Allocations.

Fair Value Appraisals - ASC 805

Our team is one of the leading service firms providing valuation expertise in the form of Purchase Price Allocations. Our expert team of ASA appraisers has the expertise needed to value your transaction.

Goodwill Impairment Testing

Our team provides valuations of goodwill, indefinite-lived intangibles and long-lived assets for impairment testing purposes pursuant to ASC 350.

Mergers and Acquisitions Services

Our team helps your company during a merger or acquisition. From business valuations to the property tax implications of a purchase, we can help your team.

$8.3 Billion

in asset allocation

$14 Billion

in impairment testing

Goodwill Impairment Testing

KEA performs annual goodwill and intangible asset impairment testing in accordance with ASC 350 standards through two methods:  Qualitative assessment testing, and the two-step process of Quantitative testing:

Step 1– We test that fair value of the reporting unit equals or exceeds the carrying value
Step 2– We determine the fair value of goodwill, often based upon a multiple period excess earnings method (MPEEM).

We employ state of the art valuation techniques for valuing reporting units net of intra-company synergies, and our valuation approaches are primarily the market and income approaches which examine and incorporate current market participant expectations.  Impairment testing is performed for Goodwill as well as identifiable intangibles which may have either indefinite or determinable remaining lives.

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Mergers and Acquisitions Services

During mergers and acquisitions, the quality of the due diligence conducted is extremely important.  Discovering the state and local tax implications of a purchase or merger can significantly change the course of the strategy that is being executed to the benefit of the buyer.  It is important that any company undertaking a new venture retains a group that has a consistent track record of excellence in this area, supplying the best information available while tracking down information that is also not so easily accessed.  Business valuations also play a key role in the M&A process.  KE Andrews is positioned to be your partner in these ventures that require a unique set of expertise and skill sets.  Our team of ASA’s stands ready to partner with you to ensure that you see the entire picture when engaging in new ventures.

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